Ghostchapel is an epic music project founded in 2020 that is influenced by different musical styles.

A woman in a white robe wanders the dark corridors of St. Jones Hospital. When the ghost-like object enters the last room in the basement, the image of an act of violence emerges, an ax and severed skull grace the room.

It is the story of Ariane, who was murdered out of jealousy.

Ariane was a young woman who could live her life carefree, at the age of twenty she met Paul, he was strong, charming and fulfilled her every wish.

The wedding took place in the same year. After the wedding, Ariane noticed a significant change in Paul’s personality, he became more and more possessive

Paul’s behavior became more and more uncanny for her as they led their lives more and more apart.

On the last day of the month, Ariane closed her eyes as a human for the last time.

When she opens her eyes again she was surrounded by darkness, she has descended into the realm of death

Surrounded by millions of souls, she cannot explain how she got to this place and why?

A dark figure with a black robe and a deep voice explains that you will not find the answer you are looking for here, you will find the answer where you are last were.

Ariane closes her eyes, when she opens them again, she is in the chapel where Paul got married.

Back in the chapel, she becomes more and more aware that Paul must have killed her.

Meanwhile, Paul has won Lisa’s heart, the wedding takes place in the same chapel as Ariane and Paul’s wedding

Ariane, who came back to earth not as a human,as a ghost, appears on the day of the wedding of Lisa and Paul, Lisa kneels in front of Ariane, she puts her hand on her head and shows her the future if she stays with Paul.

In Lisa’s mind, Ariane finds the answer, Paul wanted to show by killing Ariane that he can have complete control over life and death.

Before Lisa met the same fate, she severed Paul’s skull with an ax and dumped the skull a few meters from the body in a forest.

A few days later, Paul’s severed head and the murder weapon were found, but the body could no longer be found…….

Many years have passed since what happened in the chapel, the criminologist Mary Adam finds old photos of the chapel, Ariane can be seen in almost every photo….

Mary makes her way to find the wooded area where the murder happened, when she got there she couldn’t believe her eyes, where the chapel once stood there is only an archway with a staircase leading into the darkness.

step by step, mary goes into the darkness, the surroundings begin to cool down, she is surrounded by a kind of energy that she cannot classify.

at the top of the stairs is a tubular room reminiscent of a ruin

Ariane is back, on the ground lies the body of Paul, as well as the severed skull, Ariane stretches out her arms like she is a cross.